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The Noble Dream of Zahraa

By Ahmed Algharawi, translated by Hasanain Mohammed.
Zahraa is an orphaned girl, because of the ignorance and criminality; she was prevented from the love of her father, and forced to struggle with her mother against the life. She is responsible for a total of six orphans. When we were working, I have noticed that Zahraa was offering help as much as she could, I think that her image didn’t leave my mind because she is as the age of my daughter Hawraa, or may be her innocent voice which is innocent as her heart, or may be her pure eyes despite the fact that they are very tired but they charmed me with the hope.


At the lunch time, I sat beside her and started chatting with her. I asked her about her age and study, who helps her doing the homework, and she replied:
Her age is 9 years old, she is in the third grade and she admires the school to the point of madness. She said that when she goes to school she imagines herself graduated and she teaches the children.
Her dream is to become a teacher.
I asked her why a teacher not a doctor or an engineer or a pharmacist, she said” I want to be a teacher so my children will not be confused and feel lost who will teach them in the home”
Here, my tear rolled down from my eye mixed with sadness and pride of Zahraa’s words.
A tear of sadness because I have recognized how she suffers with her study especially when she has a homework to do, and a tear of pride because I can see the insistence and the ambition in her sweet voice.
Today, Zahraa in the fourth grade and the IRAQ Builders team won the battle and was able of building the roof to her family so Zahraa and the other kids will be safe from the hot summer and the cold winter.
Dear Zahraa I wish that your dream will be achieved and you will be a great teacher.
A pure Dream, with the feeling of the volunteer Ahmed Algharawi.

IRAQ Builders

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