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IRAQ Builders Will Never Stop

By Zaid Abbas.

This time we are talking about the medical team as they are also participating in the campaign of “displaced People”.

For as long as our team, IRAQ Builders, was the first response for the call of a national duty, one of the responses was Dr. Wafa.


Dr. Wafa is a great example of humanitarian people, according to her request, our team went to “Al-Dola’e” area, where we brought a group of women with their children to her clinic to get medical treatment for free!

“I wish that all doctors would allocate a certain time in their clinics for medical treatment to help the largest number of displaced people, as many as they can, who have been displaced because of ISIS gangs” Dr. Wafa said.


We would like to invite you to join us and give a hand.. THEY need us!

This is the least thing we can provide for them!

IRAQ Builders

One Response to IRAQ Builders Will Never Stop

  1. God bless you Dr. Wafaa, we hope that other doctors could do the same thing to provide the help to as many displaced people as we can.

    thank you Zaid for your nice encouraging report.

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